Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sleepy, Sepia

Feeding himself...

...from the drawer. He does sit in his chair, usually, three times a day but he also feeds himself out of the drawer. He likes Chex Mix and bread and he usually throws it to the floor in order to make it clear that he'd like to eat some.

In his chair

Eating. He still doesn't eat much - he has fruit and yogurt in the mornings, usually with some bread. At lunch he'll have part of a bologna and cheese sandwich, some green beans, some soup, a cheese stick, or ... nothing! Ditto dinner. He drinks a lot of milk, he only ever has that or water. He loves raisins, fruit snacks, grapes, and sometimes likes apple. Green beans are really the only vegetable that he'll eat regularly. I gave him some carrot yesterday and he acted like I was poisoning him.

Eyes Wide Shut

We're on our way out, I have more pictures to post, but this one is funny. He has been closing his eyes lately, just for fun.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sleeping on the Floor

He never, ever does this, but he didn't take a nap on Thursday. Mike found him lying there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Anthony doing the alphabet, tonight. Mike is signing it to him over my shoulder. Genius!


We had a great time, but we are happy to be home. We're getting back to our schedule tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to that. He has to wear his cast for three more weeks, four total. He's doing really well with it. He has also been sleeping like a dream, but we're going to change that, I'm sure, once we try to put him to sleep in his toddler bed. Wish us luck.

In the pool, with Mike

In the pool, on my shoulders

Mike took these.


He's signing 'more' in both these pictures.

Random Shots

Us, in the pool

The weather was amazingly beautiful while we were there. Like perfect.

In the pool, with his Grandmother


First morning in Florida

So Brave

With his cast.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm putting up all four of these

Mike took them today and they are just adorable right? Or it could be I am just losing it because we're keeping Anthony in and off his feet. This new camera is really great.

Mike took these today

You can see his temporary splint, which is falling apart. We're trying to 'keep Anthony off his left foot', as was prescribed, but it's kind of a joke!

Saturday afternoon

He's here, in pretty good spirits, after spending most of the afternoon at Riley Emergency Room. He broke his left foot, we have no idea how. We're very PROUD parents!


He was in kind of a mood Friday.


First outfit. He wore it for like 15 minutes. He's been sort of sick to his stomach if you catch my drift. Eww.

Thursday, eating