Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anthony's ABC Adventure

This is cute. I kind of couldn't find a picture that looked like him but Anthony LOVES this. He watched one that my friend Rana sent me like a bazillion times and I finally made him his own.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Watching that damned Elmo, this morning.

More backyard

Sand and Water Table

My sister Laura got him this table for his birthday but I hadn't set it up yet because I was waiting for the fence and then I was waiting to not to so lazy. So now it's set up, we only have water in it because it would get pretty muddy if I put both sand and water in it. He really likes it.


He got kind of cold by the end, but he really loves this pool. It's been kind of not so hot lately so he hasn't been in it in a while.


Under the desk

He loves to hang the wires around his neck.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Screwing around in the stroller

Under the desk, yesterday


My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Andre's

...the day we left my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Andre had a picnic, where their newest granddaughter Kira was introduced. She's beautiful and was less than THREE weeks old!


We went to NJ for my Aunt Joan and Uncle Jimmie's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was really fun, here's Anthony outside on the deck of the place where the party was held.

At the hotel

Spring Lake

Here's Anthony on his first trip to the ocean. He loved it - the water was freezing cold, which I think was the only thing that stopped him from running straight in, so I appreciated it.

Chrissy Kehoe's

At a BBQ at Chrissy Kehoe's parent's house.

In the backyard, with the new fence!