Wednesday, August 27, 2008



We took Anthony to a developmental pediatrician today to get a more formal diagnosis of autism. He was a really good doctor and it was a good visit but Anthony dirtied TWO diapers while we were there and we only brought one. So I put him in one of Maria's and it cracked me up. He kept looking at me like 'what is going ON?' It looked like he was wearing a Speedo or something. He was his nice sweet self at the doctor, which was good. Mike said and it's true, it all depends on how much sleep he gets the night before, and last night he slept well. He also seemed to be getting a cold but I think it's passed over him and landed on me and my throat.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eating Goldfish




I love that big picture but he has Goldfish in his teeth! He also has a cold. We're bumming because tomorrow we're taking him to a developmental pediatrician and we'd like him to be as normal as possible - I mean as close to how he normally is. He slept for THREE hours yesterday afternoon and then, of course, was up til 10:30. We had to wake him at 8:00 this morning and his teacher said he almost fell asleep in the morning and didn't run around or play on the playground which isn't like him. He seems better this afternoon, he's eating a lot anyway.
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Monday, August 25, 2008




Giving himself a massage in the exersaucer. We are at a real impasse about it. He is not supposed to go in it and he knows it but he climbs in all the time. He will often squeeze both his legs into one hole and scream and scream to get out. Today I took the seat out and figured he could just stand in it and play with the stuff but then I found him in the seat anyway, he had just popped it in himself.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008



It looks like they are both telling Mike to piss off and go away but I'm sure that wasn't it.
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New Shirt




Mike's mom got Anthony a new shirt and some new shorts for school. The shirt fits well, right? We thought it might be too big but it's fine. He wore the shorts yesterday but his clothes get so, so dirty at school. When I went to get him yesterday, he was in a striped shirt that we sent in for backup. We sent him to school in a light blue polo shirt but it was in his backpack, so we figured it got wet or stained or something but there was nothing wrong with it. Now we think maybe they're just messing with us? But how can I ask? I'll keep you all posted. :)
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Monday, August 18, 2008

He's All Crazy



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This was Anthony's first weekend off since he's back in school. He did fine, he and Mike took a nice walk to the DQ and he got a strawberry shake. That's a long walk, too, but he seems to like it. He still fights Mike at each crosswalk about holding his hand. He was up super early (3:00, 5:00) the last several mornings. I think this morning he didn't wake up until around 6:00, which isn't bad. I sent a list of food that he likes to eat to school today. His teacher asked for it last week. It's so funny to make a list like that, I put all the food that he likes and then I made a note that said that he will eat his food warm, but I think he prefers it cold. He likes green beans, but he likes to eat them from the can and to drink the water that the beans come in. But I just said 'green beans'.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's Back, Baby!


In his classroom.
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With Mike ('s hands) at school


We had to stand in the hallway for a while to figure out what was going on. There was a woman there, writing on student's arms with a sharpie to indicate whether they were walkers or not. I was glad Anthony's not a walker!
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Smiling for me



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Is this the little boy I carried?




Holy crap! Who is this person, in his IPS uniform? Today is Anthony's first day of school. It was kind of a wreck, as first days can be, I guess. It starts at 8:40 so we figured we would get there at 8:25 or so. But no one wants you to start early and I will say again, he is NEVER taking that bus! NEVER! We saw a bus picking up kids at 9:00 when we were leaving. Ugh. Just - no. ANYWAY, we met his teacher when we finally got to his classroom and she seems very nice, she has a very nice assistant, too. Anthony's old assistant from the summer, Marcus, made a special point of coming to see Anthony in the hall and wishing him luck and then he came down to the classroom to say hi. I really appreciated it, because I felt like between seeing Marcus and being in the same classroom, he maybe felt a little more familiar and better. He, of course, wasn't telling anything but that's my guess. I am going to get him in an hour, and I can't wait.
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