Saturday, January 31, 2009


is when he woke up for the day. He crashed around 1:00 and hasn't moved at 3:30. Oy.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Good Lord

This is cute right? He is so much better, SO much better. He's so much better that I don't even mind that he is the worst medicine taker ever. No matter how prepared we get, how much we try to get it in him and NOT all over his clothes or the furniture, we fail. I figure we will try two times a day to give him the antibiotic until it's gone and then we'll be finished. I hope he doesn't have a relapse! They said he had a good day at school today, which is always nice to hear!
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Thursday, January 29, 2009


At least the sky was nice and blue!
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Home again, home again,

jiggety jig. I'd much rather be a mom than a pig. I always sing that to the kids when we get home. BUT in this case I mean that ANTHONY is home again. I wish I lived in a city where kids could go to school THE DAY AFTER it snows but I don't. It's very annoying, he is missing speech therapy this week which he loves. On the good side of things, he is feeling much better and even though he is having some stomach trauma (actually he seems fine, it's just annoying to ME and MIKE to change 42 dirty diapers a day) from the antibiotics he is so, so, SO much better.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With Maria

...he wouldn't turn around so this is the best we could do!
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Cute Boys

Aren't they? Mike is home on a delay because of the snow, which is epic. There must be a foot out there!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Still improving. He wears a sweater sometimes to school, it's cold in the classroom I guess. His hair is ridiculous, we promised each other we'd cut it this weekend. God, between that and the antibiotics he's never going to talk to us again! He is doing better and better every day, I still can't get over it. He came in this morning and was all wet so I stripped his pajamas off and diaper and he looked so skinny! His teacher said that he ate pizza today which is a first so that's good. He's hungry, now that he hasn't eaten in several days.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting There

He's getting better. He slept a lot yesterday and I think it helped, combined with those antibiotics. I think maybe they are working fast because he's never had them so he can't have any resistance? Whatever the reason, I swear he's been better since the first dose! Last night he was still up at around 8:30 so I went in and rearranged his blanket. I was saying "it's nighttime, we're going to sleep", the same thing I always do and I said "so good night" and kissed him on the forehead and he said "Good night!" just like he says it all the time or something. He's a funny duck. He went to school today and did very well, his teacher and her assistant are so nice, they seemed so happy that he was better. We all are. I honestly have no idea how people live when their kids are sick - I mean really sick. I feel like I have been crying non stop for the last month, feeling bad for these kids and their illnesses and I know in the big picture it's NOTHING. So I am grateful, even if I don't seem it. :)
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Ear Infection

I suppose it's good that he got all the way to 3.5 before he got an ear infection. I have thought a million times that maybe he had one and he didn't but this time he does. He never touched his ear, though, or indicated that this was any different than any other time. It's no wonder he's sleeping in the day, he has been sleeping really badly. I forgot to lock his door last night when I went into him because he was crazy from the fever, so he came bounding into my room at 4:50 this morning and hopped up on the bed. I was awake,and I was praying that he could please, PLEASE maybe get better? and then poof! there he was. I thought it was a MIRACLE or a SIGN or something but it was just that I forgot to lock his door! Anyway, I took him to the ER this morning and I have to say, even though he cried and screamed when they tried to listen to his heart (sheesh), it was the fastest and most pleasant visit we've ever had. I got there just after six and we left just after seven, so not bad. He was really good and brave.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Still Sick - No Pictures, Please

Anthony is really sick, we kept him home from school today and we rescheduled physical therapy, too. Through the whole time he has been sick, he has at least slept well, but of course we started talking about it and last night he was up twice before midnight, really crying and upset. I went in the first time, around 7:30 and Mike went in the second time, around 10:00. I guess he slept okay after that, until ... I can't remember. 5:45? 6:00? It is all starting to run together.

It's been warm here so we tried to go for a walk yesterday after Mike got home from work but it was a big FAIL. It's challenging because we'd like him to get some air, and I think he was excited to go for a walk but he got tired and then weepy and then more stuffed up and then we're all standing around in the parking lot by our house, not knowing what to do. I ended up carrying him up the street and up the stairs to our front door. (Which I opened with my keys and then left them in the door ALL night - Mike found them this afternoon). He is so, so miserable and sore. He has a slight temperature so we force fed him some Tylenol this afternoon, which is very difficult as he hates it now. The other day Mike went to give *Maria* some and he freaked out!

He slept a tiny bit today. He was sitting in the kitchen chair, watching some Wiggles on the computer and was falling asleep sitting up. I know some kids do this, but Anthony never does. I picked him up and carried him into the living room and put him on his bean bag, where he slept for maybe 40 minutes. He woke up horribly - he's had three or four episodes today where he just cries and screams. Mike said maybe it just all gets to him at once, but we'll never know. It's really, REALLY depressing and it feels impossible because if Maria is awake, usually she starts to cry too, which makes it worse for Anthony. It feels a lot like what I imagine a lunatic asylum is like.

I got a sweet email from my Aunt Joan today and she said spring will be here soon and I am counting on it. I am just praying and praying that he is a little bit better tomorrow. I keep telling him it will get better and today he has started to cut his eyes at me, like "sure it will, Lady". I hope it's true tomorrow. His nose has *GOT* to stop running, this morning there was blood all over his pajama sleeve because he rubs it so much. Ugh.

So, um, have a good weekend? :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ha, I was thinking he really is trying to get through the day but he is just miserable, you can see it. Then I thought it actually is sort of trying on me, as a matter of fact. Between his being so sick and miserable and Maria being ... well, Maria, it's a long day around here lately, filled with many tears and recriminations. Mostly mine. :)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't Adjust Your Screen

...he is really sick again. I don't even know what to say except I hate preschool. I hate the preschoolers that come in to class and sneeze all over my sweet little Anthony and get him sick! ;) I'm kidding, mostly. But man this has been a long winter and we have MONTHS to go already!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Isn't he? I sometimes can't believe how far it goes for me, I must be very shallow. But at 3:45 this morning when I was in his room, changing his soaking wet pajamas and sheet and putting him back to bed, I was thinking 'at least he's good looking!" Ha!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday - No School

Anthony didn't have school today, Lord he is missing a lot lately! He missed the last two Mondays, he is off today and this coming Monday for MLK day. Then I think he's off for a - well, it's a teacher meeting day and the beginning part of the year, since they have a half day, he goes to school but the second half of the year, he is off on their half days. Next month he's off for President's Day and the half day in the same week! He did really well at OT yesterday, despite the fact that we had to wake him up and take him out in that cold to get there.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I almost called this Tuesday but it's Wednesday, isn't it? We have missed the last like four Mondays or something, of school and work, so I am confused as to what day it is. It looks like Anthony is saying his prayers or something but alas, he is clapping to a Wiggles video on YouTube. Ha. He is doing better, I'd say he's still not eating as much as he was but overall he's better. He's sleeping so well that I am not going to talk about it. :)
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Poor Maria

No one likes her today, least of all Anthony. He keeps covering up his eyes when she's around like maybe *that* will make her go away. Ha!
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Just lying around

I am sick and miserable so please don't look at me but man - this is what happens every time I lie down here lately. He'll come up and put his FEET right on my FACE! This morning they were freezing and I swear he put them on me to warm himself up! He didn't go to school again, which is a complete drag because it's his second week in a row of OT that he missed at school. I emailed his therapist but haven't heard back from her, I'm hoping he can make them up.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Shot

Here's the last shot of the day. I was working on Maria's video for her birthday and Anthony came up and sat on my lap and looked at it with me for like two seconds and then said "Wagguzuh" which is what he says for Wiggles. He sounded sort of disgusted but believe me, we are ALL sick of Maria today, we don't need to be looking at any videos!
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I remember reading a blog one time by this mother of five. All of her kids were sick and she said she spent the day doing laundry and comforting little ones. She said that all day, she just thanked God for her washing machine and her laundry detergent and whatever the hell. That is not exactly how I'm spending my day, FYI, and I wonder if women like this are posting on the internet to make us crappy mothers feel crappier. :)
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