Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kool Aid

He is going to be stained like that forever, I guess. They really like that sugar free Kool Aid a lot.
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1:00 when he woke up this morning, but he went back to sleep around 5:00, one hour after Veronica got up and right around the time Maria screamed her head off. He is working my nerves like crazy and I can't wait for him to start school and get the hell out of this house for a few hours a day.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We had an unfortunate poop incident, which required the cutting of the nails. I'll say no more! :)
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This was Sunday, the third day in a row that he woke up before 4:00. He has been a WRECK.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Three mornings in a row he has woken up early - at 3, 4 and 4. I NEVER should have said he was sleeping well! I am hoping he takes a nap today, even if he wakes up rotten. He has to sleep a little later. He is starting Speech Therapy tomorrow, here at the house. I am excited about it, the woman doing it is the one who did his evaluation at the ABA place. She was very into sensory issues, and since Anthony's are profoud, I'm hopeful it will be a good match. He is very antsy and tense today, it makes for a LOOOOOONG day!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009


He has had some rough moments this week, but he really likes the babysitter. He has been (whispers) sleeping well.
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Super cute

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Look at that belly. He loves to have it available all the time in case I slow down and then he can attack me and rub his belly on my back. It is VERY wearing, especially as he gets me when I am vulnerable, like if I'm nursing the baby or changing her diaper. He's cute though.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the car, after therapy

This was Monday. I had a Diet Coke from the *day before* in the cup holder and he went to drink it. I told him he wouldn't like it, as he doesn't usually like soda AND it was a day old! He sat there and drank the whole thing down, ha. I was afraid for a minut he was never going to get in his seat, but he did finally. He did well at therapy, his OT really likes him and she always works with a student from a local university and they always like him too. He likes them too because they are always young and pretty.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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Mike told me he didn't get any good pictures of him! Isn't this one good?

We had a new babysitter start this week and Anthony is getting used to him. He really likes him, his name is Jascha and he is very good and patient with Anthony, but kind of tough too. Today Anthony took J's book and threw it down because he wanted J to spin him and J explained that until Anthony gave the book back, he couldn't spin him. Of course, Anthony never gave it back, I honestly don't think he can follow an instruction like that, but I appreciate the sentiment.

We found out that Anthony is hopefully going to start school on 8/17 and at the latest 8/24. I can't even say how excited I am about it. I can't think about it too much without crying. I feel just like when he started in preschool, or First Steps - I want it to work, to help him, I want it not to be too late for our Anthony. I get so afraid that it's not going to work, that he'll just - be like this, that will lose him. I know he'll be all right but it's ... trying, here lately. The other day Maria had her 18 month appointment and Mike took her and had to fill out a questionaire about what she was and wasn't doing and Mike said, though he didn't have to, that he really wished they had such a thing when Anthony was 18 months old because he wasn't doing any of the things they asked about.

Anyway. We are excited about school and things are going well with the babysitter here. I talked to Anthony's occupational therapist yesterday about some things I can do to distract him and make transitions easier for him and it seems to be going well. I know it will all pan out like it's supposed to but I am IMPATIENT. I want everyone to grow up and be like they're going to be so I don't have to wait. It's an awesome way to be, trust me! ;)
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Three Posts

Here are my three favorite posts I've ever made on this blog, stolen from this blog entry:

Here's one about Veronica.

Here's one about Anthony's diagnosis of autism.

Here's the cutest video of anyone dancing, ever. This video makes me cry and cry because he really doesn't dance like this anymore.

That Hair!

This was yesterday morning, I wanted to get some pictures of his hair so I asked Mike to take some while I messed with the baby. He takes the best pictures of these kids - and I am the one who took the photography class! I guess he just has an eye. I might never ever cut his hair.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hump Day

Napping on the chair. He moved later, to his favorite ottoman. He's still up now, at 9:00, and probably will be at midnight, too. Grrr.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

One Thing

The one thing I ever have going for me is that he goes to bed early. I have the worst luck of anyone I know and anyone who ever said they enjoyed their job as a SAHM could not possibly have children like I have.
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Thursday, July 09, 2009


is when he woke up this morning. Honest to God, I feel sorry for him but also? GO BACK TO SLEEP I think. He was very weepy and sad last night, maybe his face hurt or maybe he had a dream about the wasp? Ugh, who knows.
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I think it was a wasp, there was one floating around near him when I went out there. We have a nest but it's SO high I don't know how we'll ever get rid of it.
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Bee Sting

I am just waiting for the locusts and the frogs around here. Seriously.
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He's been having pretty good days, aside from some horrifying poop situations, which are more a result of bad timing than anything. He's been (whispers) sleeping well. We think that after our deductible is met (1,000$)we'll have his school covered by insurance which still seems beyond belief. I don't really think I have allowed myself to think of how hard it would have been for us to borrow so much money. Mike and I aren't loaded but we don't have much debt and it was freaking me out to think about it. The thought that we don't have to take that loan, that Anthony can maybe go for more hours than we were going to be able to send him, that he can go for a second (or third?) year if he needs to? It's mind-blowing, really. We are very grateful and happy about it and also still suspicious.
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Wielding a Knife

At least he looks happy about it?
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Thursday, July 02, 2009


He is having a hard, antsy, tense time of it here lately. He probably misses school and a routine. He is starting in August, some time, at the new school. We are continuing to get dribs and drabs of information about the insurance and it's super frustrating. The policy came in WAY less than we thought it would be and when I asked the insurance agent why she told me she didn't know but she'll check on Monday. We are supposed to get ID cards in the mail but we didn't get them today so now it will be probably next week on that, too. Once we have the ID number, we can find out what is covered and it is torture until then.
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