Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well for those of you out there who told me that it would hurt me more than it would hurt him when he got his shots, you're all a bunch of liars! Same goes for the doctor, who told me that Anthony would probably cry in the office, then be "fussy" for the rest of the day. That poor baby wailed the whole way home and the rest of the day, when he wasn't fitfully sleeping, he was crying. Mike came home and held him and around 6, he gave him a bottle and he was like a different baby after that. A *better, happier* baby. He slept well and is fine today, but I can't believe we're supposed to go back and do that again in two months. Unbelievable.


Laura said...

He still looks mad. And a little hurt. He prolly learned that look from Mom.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby, he does look like he is still wondering "what was that all about?" I love you Anthony!