Monday, October 31, 2005

Wrong Holiday

This outfit was a gift from my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Andre. They were here this summer when Anthony was only three weeks old and was baptized. It's size 6-12 months, but it's never going to fit him in March, and Mike put him in it this morning, so we figured we'd get a picture. It came with mittens, too, but he wanted no part of that. This outfit is not, as I originally stated, from my mom's friend Emily. Emily gave him a short sleeved onesie that has shamrocks on it, too. I knew this was from my Aunt Barbara, my only excuse is that I was severely sleep deprived when she and my Uncle were here and now I'm ... well I'm still sleep deprived but it's not as severe. In any case, thanks to my Aunt Barbara for this adorable outfit!

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Uncle Larry said...

He looks thrilled! He just hasn't realized that he's Irish.