Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last week

Monday? On Wedesday afternoon, he fell asleep in the car right after a playgroup so I figured I'd take him to Edinburgh to the outlets. He hasn't been napping, so I figured he'd at least get an hour that way and I could get some new pillows and some new shirts for Mike at the Ralph Lauren store there. We got the stuff, the woman at the store walked me out to the car, all was well. I took Anthony to the Motherhood store and then decided it was too much, when he wouldn't stop running behind the counter. As I went to pick him up to take him out, he didn't want to go and poked me right in the eye. I drove home okay and it was sore, but not terrible. Then Friday night it got really bad, tearing and hurting a *lot*. Mike took me to the ER on Saturday morning and they said yes, it was a scratched cornea. It hurts like crazy. Of all the things I thought I'd need for this job, safety goggles was not one of them. Anyway, I haven't taken any pictures of him since then, any good ones anyway, so this is the last picture I took of him with two good eyes.

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