Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here's Anthony, one year ago today. You can barely see him for all the crap in the picture, I don't know why it's not cropped better. Anyway. He is up on the counter here, getting what he used to think of as cookies. Now he knows and only wants real Oreos. He doesn't eat the whole thing, he just breaks them apart and eats the cream inside. He looks like a toddler in this picture and he isn't anymore, he is definitely a little kid - he has no trace left of being a baby. I used to always long for him to get older, to get more talkative, to sleep better. Now, of course, I wish he were younger, I wish we were starting all of his therapy and everything earlier. I looked at a video from June of 2007 yesterday, I was trying to tell someone when I put my kids in hard soled shoes, and I knew I had put him in them when he broke his foot. ANYWAY, this caused me to be poking around his blog, and in an entry for June 2007, I put up a video of him twirling around. Twirling and spinning and spinning. I don't know what I was thinking, not being more worried about it. Anyway. Here he is, one year ago today, up on the counter, getting what he wants. Same as it ever was!

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