Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nature Boy

I hope this picture is okay. You can't see anything, right? So if you're looking for a thrill, PERVS, look elsewhere! I just think it's funny that he TWICE took off his clothes to run around the backyard. Determined to whoop it up naked, he is! I went to get him at school today and his new therapist said what a GREAT day he had and how HAPPY he was and how CUDDLY and SWEET and I almost cried. He is usually like that, I said! Last week was just a bad week! I feel defensive because - well, it got kind of weird last week, I felt like he was SICK and everyone thought we weren't DOING ANYTHING about it. Of course, Mike and I would do anything for him, I sort of think that goes without saying, so it's rough when we feel questioned on it. ANYWAY. Our new thing is that Anthony has been crawling up on his dresser in the night and ... falling asleep? The night before last, he fell asleep up there and then threw up all over himself. Sheesh. He's all better now, it must have just been a bug, it hit me too, but still. That dresser thing is tricky. Tonight Mike turned his dresser around and we're hoping that works and if not, and maybe anyway, we are going to get him a captain's bed with drawers. I saw a cute one at (which I love, because HELLO $2.95 shipping) and maybe we'll get that. He is an expensive child! But worth it!
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