Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, Some Picture

Boy is Anthony sick!  He was upstairs from last night at bedtime, 8:00, until 6:00 tonight.  He went from his bed to our bed to Veronica's bed and that was it.  He has a fever but it's not so crazy that I want to force Ibuprofen on him but he was the puniest I have ever seen him or any of my children, for sure.  Around 6:00 he seemed to really perk up and was tearing around like usual, he ate quite a bit, so I am bullish for tomorrow.  He missed school AND swimming, though! A first!

Here's some pictures.   Leeann.  :)


Anonymous said...

i hope he's feeling better and that all of you are healthy. he is so all your kids are. much love to you. love and miss ya's ~ALY

Leeann said...

Awwww YAY!! Thank you for the pictures of your gorgeous boy! That was very nice of you. :)

I'm sorry he got sick. I have to admit, though, that a teeny part of me loves when my kids get sick with a fever and get all puny and pathetic. That's when I get to cuddle them. I give them ibuprofen when they hit 102 or if they are in pain from the fever (not just zoned out and pitiful. lol)

Don't rat me out, 'k? :) :)