Monday, August 10, 2015


So we had a new dog come over yesterday and I guess she is going to be our new dog.  I think the woman from the rescue place is bringing her over on Wednesday night and I am taking her to be spayed on Friday morning.  It's so strange that they are just giving us a dog, I feel like when I have a baby and we leave the hospital.  I think, surely there are more tests than this?  You're not just going to trust us?

Anyway, her name is Maggie and she is much more of a puppy than I would have thought I'd like.  But we weren't having any luck with older dogs and I don't really want to get an older dog who is going to die in just a few years, I think that would be upsetting.

Anthony took a LONG time to warm up, honestly, he was freaking out, stranger than he's ever been with a dog before.  Mike and I were fighting the urge to be despondent about it, the girls were really excited and adorable, Maria especially, but it was SUPER annoying because they wouldn't stay away when we were trying to inch Anthony in near her.  Finally he petted her but - I mean, I felt like he was a little kooky with her, waggling his fingers near her face and sort of yelling.  He was really excited!

Oh I hope it works out.  I hope that some damned thing works out for us some time.

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Leeann said...

Wait!! Is this the dog for Anthony that is for special needs kids, from the organization you have been wait listed for?

If so, I really really hope it works out for him.

The dog is coming to you already trained, right?

When you get time, share more!