Thursday, October 30, 2008

Natural Habitat


We had an appointment with a behavior therapist yesterday. It went fine, I suppose, but I'll tell you an observation - people that work with children with autism think that every single one is the same. And they're not! They're snowflakes, just like every other kid. But yesterday at the meeting, Maria was *screaming* and Anthony sort of popped her in the mouth, because he (like me) just wanted her to be quiet. So I said to him "No. You do NOT hit Maria, you have to be NICE and GENTLE". And he had been pretty good, but I just wanted to say it so I knew he knew I was on to him. But the guy, the therapist, was like "perhaps he doesn't understand 'gentle' because he doesn't like gentle touch, because it doesn't feel good to him'. And I was thinking, what the hell do you know, Charlie, he loves a gentle touch! He loves to have his head rubbed and his hands held. I mean, he also loves to be thrown on the bed really hard but man -he can love more than one thing! But whatever. We're going back and he can get to know him better and we can get it all worked out. But in the meantime, I am on to these people. :)
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