Sunday, October 26, 2008




He is so much better today than he was yesterday. Yesterday he woke up so, so early and then took a long nap, from which he woke with a - ahem - 'bad' diaper and he cried for like 15 minutes after he woke up. He ended up being up last night until 11:30 but only slept til 7:15 and was grumpy *again* when he woke up, slammed the door in my face, kicked and yelled at me, etc., BUT it's been looking up since this morning. He hasn't been in school since last Wednesday and it messes him up. He has off this Wednesday, too, for some "parents come in and talk day" in his school system. To which I say HA HA I bet they will. But I am probably just mad because I had when he has days off because he hates to get off his schedule. He is going this week, I can't remember what day, maybe Wednesday? to our local children's hospital to see about behavior therapy. Like electro shock. Ha. Not really.
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