Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Hoo boy, this day! I edited my last entry so that I am not swearing in it, so that my Aunt Joan doesn't get mad at me! :) It's just been rough. Maria was up at 5:30 and took two CRAPPY naps. She is in a shrieking mode, where she just yells and yells and screams for no reason. Anthony is noisy anyway, and the two of them are a) driving us mad and b) waking up the baby, who really likes to sleep. We tried to let them go outside and play in the pool but man - Anthony is very drawn to bare skin, so he keeps hugging Maria really hard against him, and knocking her down. Maria got sunscreen in her eye, and she spends most of her time outside letting all the water out of the pool. I went inside the house for TWO seconds because I was patting down Maria's eye and I came out and Anthony had put the cloth diaper pail (FULL of dirty diapers), a bag of garbage, and three balls in the pool. There was seriously not even room for him. We have to keep our kitchen chairs under the table so that Maria doesn't climb up on them and then to the desk, or her high chair, or to her death. It's a pain because if we dare take one out to sit in it, she RACES to the chair to try and get in it before you do. We are seriously losing our minds. Then, to top it off, I went out at the end of the day to bring in the diapers that I washed and Anthony and I were playing a rousing game of "Where's Anthony?" where I pretend I don't see him and then he jumps out and I say "There he is!". I went in to bring the diapers in and came out and was playing the game, so I was pretending I didn't see him, so it took me a minute to see, that he was covered in POOP. Ugh. It's like the day was determined to stink right up until the very end. Then we cleaned him up and got him in the tub and I gave him a bath and washed his hair and got him in bed. We said his prayers and I gave him a little rub down and we got his pajamas on and I covered him up and sang to him and zoom, he was asleep in five minutes and looking so teensy and sweet and calm in his bed, that he made me cry, singing "Baby Mine" to him. It is murder to go through this gamut of emotions every day with this kid! Oy! Here's to hoping tomorrow is better. And I'm sorry, Aunt Joan. :)


Stephanie said...

Oh I hope your days get better!! You are so real and honest though, I do love your posts! Hang in there!!!!

Lisa said...

...the day was determined to stink right up until the very end. No pun intended?? HAHA!! Adri is into standing on the kiddie chairs and as you know enamored w/ her own poo too....if it makes you feel any better! : )

Catherine said...

I am with you Joanne! I know the newborn days are insane and every day with our kids can already be insane. I know about the crying when they go to sleep too! Thanks for being real. The twins are the same with the chairs. When we were at my mom's house I had to move all the chairs into another room and turn them upside down after every meal.

Congrats on Veronica's birth!