Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Mike told me he didn't get any good pictures of him! Isn't this one good?

We had a new babysitter start this week and Anthony is getting used to him. He really likes him, his name is Jascha and he is very good and patient with Anthony, but kind of tough too. Today Anthony took J's book and threw it down because he wanted J to spin him and J explained that until Anthony gave the book back, he couldn't spin him. Of course, Anthony never gave it back, I honestly don't think he can follow an instruction like that, but I appreciate the sentiment.

We found out that Anthony is hopefully going to start school on 8/17 and at the latest 8/24. I can't even say how excited I am about it. I can't think about it too much without crying. I feel just like when he started in preschool, or First Steps - I want it to work, to help him, I want it not to be too late for our Anthony. I get so afraid that it's not going to work, that he'll just - be like this, that will lose him. I know he'll be all right but it's ... trying, here lately. The other day Maria had her 18 month appointment and Mike took her and had to fill out a questionaire about what she was and wasn't doing and Mike said, though he didn't have to, that he really wished they had such a thing when Anthony was 18 months old because he wasn't doing any of the things they asked about.

Anyway. We are excited about school and things are going well with the babysitter here. I talked to Anthony's occupational therapist yesterday about some things I can do to distract him and make transitions easier for him and it seems to be going well. I know it will all pan out like it's supposed to but I am IMPATIENT. I want everyone to grow up and be like they're going to be so I don't have to wait. It's an awesome way to be, trust me! ;)
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