Wednesday, July 08, 2009


He's been having pretty good days, aside from some horrifying poop situations, which are more a result of bad timing than anything. He's been (whispers) sleeping well. We think that after our deductible is met (1,000$)we'll have his school covered by insurance which still seems beyond belief. I don't really think I have allowed myself to think of how hard it would have been for us to borrow so much money. Mike and I aren't loaded but we don't have much debt and it was freaking me out to think about it. The thought that we don't have to take that loan, that Anthony can maybe go for more hours than we were going to be able to send him, that he can go for a second (or third?) year if he needs to? It's mind-blowing, really. We are very grateful and happy about it and also still suspicious.
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chazma said...

Looks like it should be on one of those "Doors of Ireland" posters!

Alivia Quallen said...

That has to be hard knowing that it is right at your finger tips and you are ready to grasp it but can't yet. I pray that you meet your deductable so Anthony can have the BEST education. That has to be be mind blowing. I can only imagine what that must be like. Good Luck