Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Again

I realized I hadn't posted a picture of him in a week today! That's a long time for me, but I don't take as many pictures of him because he's in school and then when he's home it's so crazy I don't always have my camera. But I wanted to mark how well he is doing.

We have been leaving him awake in his room and he has been up, noisy as HELL, until around 9:00 or usually more like 10:00. Then he sleeps all night until we get him around 7:00, usually. If he's been up late, we can let him sleep until 7:30 so he has a half hour before he leaves for school. Mike usually leaves a little bit before 8:00 with him to try and get him there for 8:30. Then Mike races to work. I go and get him around 2:00 to pick him up at 2:30. It's easier for me because it's much less trafficky when I go. It's hard to get used to traveling so much by car, people are terrible drivers!

On Friday when I went in to get him, I told him to say 'bye! to the therapist. I always say it and he never does. I have been telling him to say bye for YEARS and he never has. But Friday he said "BYE!" to his therapist and I almost fell over. Then this morning Mike and I were talking about how he fell off his chair (he stands on it in front of the tv, don't judge) and he JUMPED off the chair and I said "No! Anthony, you can't jump off that chair!" and he said "Careful!". Mike and I are in shock, all the time, anymore. But it's a nice shock. :)

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