Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eating at the Table

This is a big thing for us, when he sits and eats at the table. I took 20 pictures of him doing it and he was smiling for me. Tomorrow he starts his third week of school - here are some of the things his therapists have said about him:

At snack he was asking me for apples very nicely.
Under "Challenges": "None today". :)
Anthony did SO awesome this morning! He was super compliant and we had fun while getting lots of work done.
Anthony was very lovey today. He kept climbing up for cuddles. It was very cute.
Some wonderful words today.
We had a good morning - he is picking up very quickly and we had a lot of vocals today! :)

So that's good right? He is also different here lately. He is sitting and reading books more and he loves to look in the mirror and sing "That's Elmo's Sooooooooong!" and watch his mouth. It is adorable and makes me cry every time. He's still not going to sleep before 9:30 but hopefully that will get earlier and earlier and we'll find our best time for him to go to bed. All in all, this week I will keep him. Ha!
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Lisa said...

My kids rarely go to bed before 9pm these days. Sash went to bed around 9 since 2 years old! It's a struggle to get everyone asleep by 9pm. With school now, I try to get them both settled down by 8:30 but I swear, they'd both stay up until 11 if I let them! I say if he's good all day and sleeps all night, let him go to bed at 9pm!