Thursday, August 27, 2009


He had just fallen off the table. He has been having great days at school but he is super annoying at home. My God, the noise this child makes! It's crazy. We've also been leaving him awake which has NOT been going well. Last night I checked on him just after 10:00 and he was completely under his fitted sheet, blanket off the bed. I showed Mike and we decided I should take the top of the sheet off so it didn't scare him if he woke up in the night. He has been sleeping all night, which is good, but not going to sleep until after 9:00. Maybe this is normal for a four year old? We'll see, I don't know what we'll do going forward. He's about to finish his second week in school. Yesterday I went to get him by myself because Mike took a late lunch and stayed home with the girls. So we were driving home and Anthony said "Mom" in the backseat. I turned down the radio and said "Mom?" and he said "Daddy". And I said "Daddy?" and he said, breaking my heart, "Baby". God knows what he's talking about - whether it's us, or something he read at school? I don't care, it was still exciting.
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Lisa said...

That's awesome! Keep up the good work Anthony!