Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Days

Here he is, yesterday, after his second day of school. He's in a cute tshirt that Mike's mom brought him from her latest trip. I think we've gotten his hair all evened out. He is doing very well in school, everyone is really nice and he seems happy to be back in a routine. The first day when I went to get him, I had his little lunch tray as we were getting in the car and he said "hungry", so I gave him the tray, open, and he finished everything. He has been eating well and sleeping well and except for some minor freakouts about us not having his Elmo or Wiggles DVD here (we brought them to school), he's been having an excellent week. I am confident that he is going to thrive at this school. When we dropped him off the first day, some Mom was coming out and she said "hi, is he new?" We said yes, and she said "look for my son, Eli, he's wild!" Everyone is very nice and we are all sort of in the same boat, as parents, which is a comfort and the first time I've really felt this way. My sister also sent me a link to the Top 50 Autism Blogs, and that's been great because I've found a message board that has parents on it, who just deal with the day to day stuff with having a child with autistm and it's been nice. There are some nutters on it, of course, who want to have fights about mercury and chelation and whatever the hell else, but it's nice that they have a place to chat, too, I suppose.

In other news, Mike and I are hoping to go to the Fair tomorrow night. We love the fair food and didn't get to have any when we took the kids. I am off sweets but I am giving myself a dispensation for the fair.
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