Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hair DON'T

 What in the hell is going on with that hair? It's long, right, so I cut his bangs yesterday. Sweet Amy was here for home therapy and she offered to help so we did it. But he got very upset so all I could do is take one SWIPE across his forehead. He looks like a dutch boy in the front and a party in the back, now. If I could have *one* minute, I could neaten them up but it's honestly not worth it, he gets very mad. He doesn't know what is going on and he just - well I mean, I don't blame him but it's unfortunate. But the back! It was all weird this morning, he needs it washed, I guess. I have to work tonight so Mike is going to be bathing him alone - usually I wash his hair but it has to be done tonight, it's so strange looking. I figure maybe he had a rough night, got all sweaty, etc. I have told my family and said on Facebook but we are having another baby in October! I am one of four, and now (for now) Anthony will be one of four too, I guess. My mom had a boy, then two girls, then a boy so I think maybe that's what I'll do too. There is no actual genetic reasoning for this, it would just be funny is all. I told my mom I was afraid that I'd have a boy and he would be just like my little brother John, ha, and my mom told me that John was a *very* good baby, so there's that. Anyways, I think it would be nice if Anthony had a brother. I love the idea of brothers and I think it would be nice if I had some tough-guy fourth child who could beat anyone up if they ever gave Anthony any trouble. I am a violent person, down deep, ha!


Lacey said...

I would love for Anthony to have a brother. Although, I think Maria will probably kick enough ass for all of them! lol

Lisa said...

I love his wispy hair!