Wednesday, April 06, 2011


We got Anthony's iPad yesterday and sent it with him to school today.  I am so hopeful that he will like something about it and be interested in it.

Mike and I were talking today about it and I told him - it's so hard to be stuck in the place we are right now, with Anthony.  I think I can safely say that he hasn't made any real progress in a long time.  A year?  It feels like the only thing that has increased for Anthony in the last year is his tantrums and his teeth grinding.  These are not great goals to have met!  It's hard for Anthony but it's hard for us, too.  It's hard to not move forward at all, especially with Maria going great guns right beside Anthony.  Even though Veronica isn't talking, really, at all, she is moving forward, she is very engaged and you should see her point at things in a book.

But we are in the same place with Anthony, all the time and it's very wearing.  I'm sure it is on him, too, even though he doesn't say it.  We are human beings, and HE is a child, he is supposed to be learning new things every day and living his life and I feel like he can't.

So.  This is getting kind of depressing, I guess.  What I'm trying to say is that I hope something works with this iPad.  But Mike says, and it's true, if it doesn't work, if Anthony doesn't seem to respond to it, we will just try something else.  We will just keep trying things until something works.  Or until I have to go live in a home for the criminally insane.  Whichever comes first!

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