Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lovely and Amazing

When I went to pick up Anthony today, it was his therapist Kassi who brought him out.  She is usually with him in the mornings but she and Mary have switched a few times this week.  Kassi is the therapist who brought him to camp and she is just great with him, and so thoughtful with me, she texts me pictures of him when he is doing something great, like when he was on the HORSE at camp, or a cute picture from when they went to the state fair.  Anyway, she is nice and it was nice to see her.

I was a little late and she came right out and said "Anthony had an amazing afternoon!".  Felicity was crying and I (proud moment) found a bag of Goldfish in the car and gave her some so she stopped crying.  Kassi said that they were just sitting there this afternoon and Anthony got up and came over to her and poked her on the arm and said "p p p p p" which is potty and they went and then, she said, "he took the biggest crap ever!".  Ha!  I am not a person who likes scatological talk but I loved hearing that!    I said, oh that makes me so happy, I can't wait until we get there at home, too.  So I got in the car and I said how I just felt like he was doing well and she said she thinks he's just made leaps and bounds over the last few months.  She said - I can't remember what she said, exactly, but she said that he thrills her every day, and I said, through tears of COURSE, that I'm sure that she thrills him too.  Thank God I am always wearing sunglasses, sheesh.

I really feel like we are really getting there, I told her.  I don't know where it is, but I feel like we're getting there!  It does make me cry to think about it, because if he could just tell us, any way, what he wants or what he needs, oh my God, what else would I ever need, in my whole life?  And now of course I think that maybe this is the miracle I've been praying for.  Oh, life.  It's too crazy, too much, some times, how incredible it all is.

THEN I got home and I got my Crappy Day Package in the mail.  Typically they have been a box with various fun things in them, so I was intrigued when the package said "fragile" and it was a small box, it fit in my mail box!  So anyways, I opened it because I have no self control, and they are all kind of crappy days around here lately, and I found this picture and a note that said that this reminded the sweet sender of Anthony Joseph.  And of course, it really DOES seem reminiscent of Anthony, doesn't it?  It was so great to get it today, when I was already feeling all warm and happy and hopeful about him.

So anyway, I never say this, but I think people are really lovely and the world is really amazing.  I am so bullish for the future, I hardly even know who I am anymore!


Doing My Best said...

Oh, that is so precious =)! I'm glad you were able to have an encouraging day today!

Central Indiana Life Chain said...

It really does make me think of Anthony. What a beautiful gift to receive -- all of it.

Anonymous said...

What a happy day for you guys :) Also a good reminder for us to never stop praying...we are being heard! love and miss you all XOXO