Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New OT - Evaluation

So Anthony is going to start with a new OT soon, but every time you start with a new therapist (OT is occupational therapist, sorry), they have to do an evaluation and because they are not doctors, they have to have Anthony's doctor sign the prescription for it.  Anyway, they send me a copy of his evaluation and it's so depressing.  I mean, how old will he be, how long will I know all I know, before it doesn't bug me so much that they write this stuff down about him?  It's one thing to live your life, and another thing entirely for people to talk about it, or heaven forbid, write it down.  It feels so different.

Anyways.  It says his tone is hypotonic, which means he has low muscle tone.  That's probably because he doesn't use his body like he should, I guess?  There are 10 "underlying impairments" in which he is "moderately impaired" and just one that he is "severely impaired".  He's severely impaired when it comes to Left Right Discrimination.  There is something funky with his vision, I know, but I will be damned if I can figure out what we'll do about it.

Anyway, he has year long-goals, so that's good.  There are many good things about starting with this new OT.  I really liked her, she's been at OT for 20 years, the office is very close to our house, they have appointments in the evenings, it's one more thing to do with just Anthony.  It will be good but it's hard to read, every time, all the things that they think are wrong with my sweet baby.

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Stacey Nicole said...

I understand. In preparation for our four year old to be evaluated at a developmental clinic, we had to fill out ten, no, eleven pages of paperwork, and have the day care fill out two different sets of forms. We also had to get copies of all his evaluations -- we had two each (initial and re-evaluation) for both speech and occupational therapy. It was hard reading the evals and seeing what the day care thought were our son's issues, especially since he is often better behaved at school then at home. We only received a verbal summary yesterday (autistic like traits without him having enough to be on the spectrum, reaffirmation of his SPD). I'm not sure how I will handle reading the full on report when it arrives in two to three weeks. We are trying to focus on all the positives, including our son's improvements, but yes, it hit hard reading and hearing what all the experts have to say about our awesome son.