Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Week

Well, we are finished with Anthony's first week ever at his new school.  It has been a doozy, but on Friday he had all smiley faces on his communication sheet, his teacher seemed very optimistic about it, so I guess it has ended on an up note.  It also ended with him pooping in the middle of the livingroom rug, but life is not the French Riviera, as I learned in the theme song from It's a Living, so.  What can you do.

This week, on his first day, some lady met us at the door and walked us back.  On Wednesday, Mike walked him in alone.  His teacher thought it would be better if we walked him in the first week, and we complied.  On Thursday, Mike and I bought brought him in, because we had a shitload of supplies to bring too, and we walked them all in.  Every morning, we saw people, said hi, everyone said good morning, etc.  On Friday, Mike walked him in and some old lady who was rude to him earlier in the week* chased him down and made him sign in.  To sign in, you have to type your name, the student's name, the date, and say why you are existing on the earth and in their damned building.  Then you have to TAKE  A PICTURE for your name tag.  So Mike said I've walked him in every morning, I'm just dropping him off, and Grandma Meany McSecretary told him too bad, you have to do it.  She actually said it was FOR THE CHILDREN.  I am so happy I wasn't there.  Mike did it and I emailed the principal and teacher and the principal wrote back that someone SHOULD have stopped us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but that was on them and in the meantime it is their policy blah blah blah blah blah.  So I said fine, we will drop him off.

*On Monday, when I went in to fill out the medical forms and see the nurse, I thought I was going to get enrollment forms too but no one gave them to me.  On Tuesday when Anthony started, they called Mike to complain that he hadn't left the forms and Mike said, my wife was there for an hour yesterday and no one gave her the forms.  But if you send us home the forms, we'll gladly fill them out.  Then the next day when he was there, the woman said "I'm so sorry that these forms weren't given to you in the long period of time that your wife was here".  Mike said he wasn't sure if she was being shitty or not but to me that just shows that he is VERY optimistic about life and people in general, because that, my friends, is a SHITTY thing to say.  So now I hate that woman.

On Thursday, when we had the supplies and Anthony and a box and his backpack, we were walking from the parking lot to the school and some teacher scolded me about how I should go to the crosswalk to cross because there was a bus coming, which, the bus was NOT coming, what am I, an idiot?  I am trying to get a bolter of a child from the car to the school without him running headlong into a bus, I know alllll about safety, thanks.  This is my problem with these jerkstore teachers (not you - I'm sure you are a great teacher and not a jerkstore) - they want to be in charge of allll the people.  I am forty six years old, and I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree.  I am the mother of four children.  I do not need you to tell me where to cross the street, you dummy.  This is what I want to yell at these ninnies, but I don't.  I just wave and nod and they think I am complying but under my breath, I am saying "fly away, shitbird!".

Mike went to back to school night, he really likes the teacher and I do too.  I don't think Anthony is going to succeed in this program but if he does I think it will be because of loving people like this teacher.  She wanted us to send in shoes that Anthony would keep on his feet!  She made an "!" too, ha ha, to show how much she meant it, maybe?  I have some exclamation points too, I thought.  Like, we have tried many shoes and he won't keep any on!  He threw one out the window last month!  He likes to take his shoe off and bite the ball of his foot!  Because he has tremendous sensory issues and you a-holes will only give him TWENTY MINUTES of occupational therapy a week!  Don't tell me your problems, lady!  Wait until he takes off his pants and poops in the middle of his desk!  Ha, I am cracking myself up here.

Anyway.  That was our first week, it was kind of exhausting living it and I hate to have to relive it and write about it but I want to keep a record, so here it is.


Doing My Best said...

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this because your insurance is THE STUPIDEST STUPID EVER! (((((hugs)))))

ALY said...

Thank God we were raised around people with humor...its the only way we survive this shit ;) You made me laugh out loud on this..and the same time I want to drop-kick the shitbird, and Meany McSecretary...hahaha!! Poor teacher thinks that shoes are the worst of her problem...ha! Proud of you Anthony!! Praying for your family and always loving and missing you! xoxoxoxoxo