Wednesday, August 27, 2014

End of August

Things are going pretty good for Anthony.  I think school is making him tired, he is sleeping really well!  Sometimes he wakes up early, like 4:30 or something, which is terrible but mostly he goes to sleep a little earlier than he used to and sleeps all night, so that's good.  He seems fine about going, his teacher seems very nice and although I am not convinced that he is in the right place, my worries about immediate regression are unfounded so far, and I'm grateful for that.

He is still driving us crazy with Felicity, he gets right in her face and ... well, it sounds silly but he looks at her and that drives her bonkers and she yells and then he gets kind of wound up and it's a vicious cycle.  His respite care worker is beyond great, we all really like her and I think she is okay with all of us and seems to really like Anthony, so... things are pretty good!  What?  Who is writing this?  HA!

Here's a video Anthony's teacher sent me today.  When I look at him sitting there, at a desk, using scissors, it really gets me right where I live.  I'm glad no one was around when I looked at it, because it really made me cry like this BOO HOO HOO HOO HOOOOOOOO!  Ha!


Stefan said...

Awesome... I liked how he understood and responded to her direction to cut on the line IMMEDIATELY

Leeann said...

Oh that is just wonderful!!! It made me so happy too. Go Anthony Go!!

Anonymous said...


Aly said...

Love this :) glad I had tissues next to me! Love and miss you all...xoxoxo