Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day ... and I do mean Labor.  Good GOD I find it depressing that everyone I know has so much fun on holidays!  I feel so bad for my kids sometimes, because I am the most miserable cur that ever has been.  One woman I follow on Twitter and Instagram was saying how great her summer was with her four kids and she loves it so much and her Felicity-aged child is, like, SWIMMING and I don't even know.  I am a wreck.  But I think it might be not just me.

So today the girls slept until 7:50.  No wait, let me back up.  Yesterday we were so tired I thought that I was going to die from it.  We finally got the girls in bed and watched The Bridge and were going to sleep around 10:00.  Mike wanted to take a shower because he had grilled out and felt grimy.  I am sometimes so jealous of him because if he wants to take a shower, he just *takes a shower* and then he can just go right to bed.  I always have to think about my dumb hair, do I dry it, do I straighten it, can I braid it, on and on and on.  Anyways, he was in the shower and I was trying to read on my phone but my glasses are broken - both arms are broken off of them so I call them my pince nez and I have to balance them on my nose, ugh it's a joke.  Anyway I was trying to read and Mike was in the shower and the door opened and in Anthony came!  He laid right down on the bed and I was kind of freaking out because his door was locked, ha!  He has found that if he jiggles the lock enough, he can shake it off and that's what he did.  So anyway we put him back to bed and said good night.

Then the girls were up at 7:50 which was great for a sleep-in but bad because I wanted us all to go to Mass at 9:00 this morning and we couldn't.  We hung around this morning and then I said to Mike maybe I will go get us some coffee and Felicity said she wanted a pink donut so I said she could come with me.  She and Anthony are really at odds lately and I thought it would do us good to get out for a while.  I started out but had to go back because I forgot my wallet.  Then I went to Dunkin Donuts (1) where they didn't have any donuts, because she was baking them, but they'd have them in 30 to 45 minutes.  Then I went to another Dunkin Donuts (2) but they didn't have any pink donuts.  Finally at the next Dunkin Donuts (3) they had the donuts but they had no drink carriers and the icing wasn't staying on the donuts, for some reason, the girl said.  Because I'm involved is why they are not sticking, is what I told her.

We got home and I was just home for a little while when Anthony pooped out in the yard, but in his pants so it was a hot mess and I had to clean it up.  As we try to clean him and get him dressed, he grabs at us and laughs maniacally, just in case you weren't upset enough about it.  Later I decided to clean out the toy room and get some stuff together for charity donations and while I was in the toy room, he got a chair and climbed up on the counter so he could get the butter and take a big bite of it.  There was butter everywhere - all over him, the stuff in the cabinet, ugh it was gross.  

While all of this is going on, Maria is bugging me every two minutes about can she go to the neighbors, why aren't the neighbors home and can I text the neighbors to see where they are.  She has some boundary issues, wouldn't you say?  Also she wants to know where we are going for fall break, we could go to Ft. Wayne, or Cincinnati, or downtown, but we have to have a hotel with a big pool.  A big hotel. And a big pool.  And what hotel will that be?  And how big will the pool be?  And where are we going?  Where will we stay?  What are we doing for Fall Break?  Well?  What are we doing?  For fall break?

So in short, I hate Labor Day and holidays and Labor and days.

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Aly said...

couldn't agree more...for different reasons. Everytime someone says "have a great day, or holiday, etc", my heart sinks too. Every day is the same.. damn.. shit day! Wish I lived closer so we can help, scream, laugh, cry and/or go have a drink together! or all of those :) haha! love you girl!