Monday, September 22, 2014


Anthony went to the Answers for Autism walk on Saturday, with Christina.  His school has always participated in this but it's a long event and we can never go because I can't count on Felicity to want to do anything for that long, so it was great that he got to go this year with Christina.  He had a wonderful time, she sent pictures of him rock climbing:

He really liked it, she said he went up halfway two times, which seems great to me.  Yesterday he was pretty good in church, although he got sick of it by the end.  But one great thing that happened was that this woman I know came over and told me that she is his OT at his public school!  She said she sees him every Friday and that she thinks he is doing just wonderfully.  It made me so happy to think that someone that knows us is there, she also said how much she loved his teacher.  So good things are happening with Anthony, and I want to record those here, too, ha!


Leeann said...

Such great news!

ALY said...

love those pics!! that's great that he got to go and be "all boy"! beautiful weather, looks like he was doing great!! so happy to hear the sun always shines after the storm :) Always in my heart and you.

ALY said...

since I can't leave comments on Maria's or Felicity's page (doesn't allow me to just put name without signing into stuff I don't have. haha!): Maria looks so much like your twin! Love her spunk! I can't believe Felicity is going to be 3 already!? She makes a precious ballerina :) Such a wonderful family.. love,love!!