Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fall Break

Anthony is on fall break starting tomorrow, but thank God, he is going to Little Star every day.  On Friday we took all four kids up to Little Star for a parents' night out and we went in and Anthony raced ahead and flung himself to the floor, he was so happy to be there.  I feel excited for him, that he will be at a place all week that he likes so much.

Things are going okay, they are not great and we had a long weekend because his respite care girlfriend was off on Saturday, she was throwing a party for her daughter, who was turning two.  But they are going okay, I mean, they are sometimes okay and sometimes hard but that is true with the girls, too.  Felicity herself could drive a person to DRINK most days, and that honey badger is on break, too.

But as long as I stay in the present and just worry about today today and that's it, I'm okay.  I can't worry about the future, even though it is tempting.  Maria said today "when are we getting Anthony's dog?" and I said I am praying for it every day.  I hope it all works out, I know it will.  I told Anthony tonight when I went up because he was crying, I said, listen - soon we will have a dog and we will send you both to bed and he will hug you whenever you want and then our lives will change.  He looked skeptical and I feel skeptical but what can you do?  We are keeping on keeping on, wish us luck!

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Aly said...

so glad Anthony loves Little Star! Prayers being said always, but I said an extra for the dog..i really hope they hurry up. Glad to see you survived the Fall Break :) Happy Birthday to the pic of you two !! Cant believe she's 3 already. Have a good weekend and birthday celebrations. Love you all! Hugs to those beautiful kids from me! ~God Bless~