Monday, December 29, 2014

Tune in Next Monday...

... to see if we survive this week.  Yesterday was a terrible day for us and Anthony and I told Mike later, usually on Sunday it's terrible and I feel awful but at least I know everyone can get back to it the next day.  Yesterday it was just awful and I knew that Anthony would be home for one more week.  One more week!  And then I watch the weather and they say that it's supposed to rain/snow on Friday Saturday and Sunday and I think if he is off next week for weather I won't make it.

I was watching my friend's son go to Communion on Sunday.  He has autism and cerebral palsy and he limps pretty good, he just had some kind of back surgery, he has had a hard time of it lately.  But there he was, walking up to Communion, taking Communion and I am so jealous.  It has been a few months since we stopped taking Anthony to church, Mike and I slept in until 8:30 this Sunday, which has literally never happened but everyone has been so sick and we have all slept so badly I guess everyone just finally crashed.  So anyway, I was thinking about it this week in church and I wish things could be different.

Anthony got a big exercise ball for Christmas, except I can't blow it up as big as I'd like.  He got a Woogly ball, and yesterday I remembered I bought him some of that kinetic sand, in its own case which closed and everything but he shoved so much of it in his mouth that I had to take it away.  Everything was kind of a fail, gift wise, but what can you do?  He also got a lot of underwear and some soft pajama pants and he's been having one million accidents and lying around a lot, so those have come in handy.

Today we went to OT, we normally go on Tuesdays at 6:00 but she asked if we wanted to switch it up and we did, just to have something to do.

This break makes me really, REALLY dread the summer but I'm trying to Live In The Moment so I'm not thinking about it too much.  That woman at his public school was so sketchy and strange about what the options are for summer, I just don't know.  But like I said I can't worry about it too much.  I read things on the Internet about kids who are sick and who die and moms who are sick and who die and I think maybe I shouldn't worry so much about my petty problems.

What else?  I guess nothing.  His respite girlfriend is switching her hours after next week, she has a class on Mondays so she is going to come on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  That kind of stinks but it will be helpful for Mike as I am almost always at work on Friday and Saturday.

Ugh I can never wrap up these complainy posts.  Happy New Year!  Anthony will turn ten this year, I told Maria this morning and she said "wow, ten!".  I know!

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