Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Update

Last Lent, I wrote about and said nice things about one of my kids each day during Lent but this year I have given up sweets and am saying a rosary every day.  But I thought why not update on Fridays?  Maybe I can do it.

Anthony is doing fine, the last few weeks I've been taking him to swim because we don't have respite staff right now, ugh that is driving me crazy but I am breezily going by it.  Last night I went and exercised at the Y for a little bit while he was swimming but I got back in plenty of time to see him.  He looks like he is doing everything but swimming and I was saying that to one of his teachers and she said look how hard he is working! It takes a lot to hold up his hips like that!  He is great! So that was nice and a good reminder, too, that even if it doesn't look like he is working hard, he always is.

The weekends are super hard but everything else is going fine.  He has been going to Costco with Mike and has been helping!  Like Mike will tell him to get something and he will!  This feels like a miracle.

Here's his school picture and a rare picture of the four of them.  He is getting really big and tall.  He weighs a ton, he is falling away to a ton, as my sweet grandfather might have said but we are just trying to make most of his snacks healthy ones.  What else can I do?  His hair is getting really excellent but Mike doesn't love it.  He never lets us comb it so it gets kind of janky but mostly I think it's so cute, just like him.

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