Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More, Outside

I do think he's happy, most of the time. Mike and I are trying to find a balance between therapy and just playing and it's difficult. I feel bad when people are disappointed in Anthony, when they wish that he were 'normal'. He's not, really, but I find myself caring less and less. We are offering Anthony everything we can (except knives, ha ha) and I have faith that he will be okay. I really wish that everyone in his life felt that way.
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Lisa said...

I have lots of faith in Anthony and I don't even know him! I know lots of so called "normal" people and I wouldn't say it's always better!! : ) He'll be just fine!

Abby said...

he is so handsome. we are who we are and who is 'normal' anyway. he has a great mama- that's for sure.