Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Easter Pictures

We don't take them to church with us, so they didn't really have a big easter outfit or anything so ... no pictures! We all went for a walk this morning, though, which was ... well I wish it was nice but it's like this: it's nice that we get out in the sun and the fresh air but man, that is it, really. Maria didn't want to be in the wagon after a while, and Anthony likes to be held OR to hold BOTH our hands, which is complicated and blah blah blah focus on the fresh air and sunshine. Anthony woke up in the night, at like 2:30, and was up for quite a while, but so was Maria so I was up anyway AND he went back to sleep which is like a miracle so maybe he'll be okay tonight? I hope? He has no school on Wednesday, which is a pain but not too bad - it would be worse if it was NEXT week that he had no school because Mike is back in his trial and has to leave me here ALONE with them ALL DAY. Ahhhh! Kidding - it's really not going too badly and my parents are home so we have been going over there, which really helps. So I guess what I'm saying here is Happy Easter and maybe next year we'll all go to church together and have outfits and pictures and easter baskets. All five of us. Yikes! :)

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