Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eye Contact

...and they said kids with autism don't give good eye contact! He can be so funny and look how Maria loves him. He was up at around 4:00 this morning, so it should be an ... interesting day.

He finished his extended school year this week. He had the same teacher as last year, she is also the teacher that was at his first case conference, she's very good with him. Her assistant's name was Wanda and she, like everyone, fell in love with our Anthony. We were lucky because there were two teachers and only three students so he really got a lot of one on one time. Wanda would ask Anthony for a hug at the end of the day and more often than not, he would open his arms and fall into her for a hug. It was really nice to see. He will hopefully start at the ABA school in August. We are 99 percent sure he is going to start there and that it will be covered by his insurance. Anthony's teacher told me she wasn't sure about ABA because they don't do a lot of social stuff, since they do so much one on one work. I said I could appreciate that social skills were important, especially for autistic people, but until Anthony starts to talk, he really can't start using social skills, at least not in our society, and that's where we live. I hope and pray it works - I hope that he gets a little bit better communication and then I hope it gets better and better and then it's great. I really can't imagine having a conversation with him, or more important, saying "hand me that" and having him do it. I really want him to start working for me! :)
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