Monday, June 15, 2009

Poor Anthony

He had a rough morning today. He went to sleep fine but was up before five and sounded just MISERABLE. He sounded like he was being tortured in there. I went in and got him around 7, I think, Mike had tried several times but he doesn't like to come out of his room in the morning for anyone but me. This is a new development and it STINKS since it's when I had been catching up on some sleep. I hope it doesn't last, he is definitely having some issues here lately. He's taken to covering his ears when he is unhappy, but not necessarily when something is too noisy. Today he asked for a drink, which means water, but when I gave him water, he covered his ears and ran away. His teacher told me he covered his ears when Dora sang today on something they were watching and she thought maybe it hurt his ears, but I don't think that's it. He makes much louder noises than that, and also, he plugs and unplugs his ears in rapid succession, like to hear every other beat of it? Ugh, who knows? I am really dreading July, when Mike goes back to work and Anthony is finished with summer school but it's not time to start the ABA place yet. Anyways. This t-shirt was part of Anthony's charity gift that he got at school this Christmas.
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Lisa said...

....I'd cover my ears to Dora too. : )