Monday, June 08, 2009

First Day

Today is Anthony's First Day of School, kind of. It's the extended school year program, but it's much earlier this year than last year and it's also MUCH shorter. Last year I think it was five weeks and this year it's three. Mike just took him this morning, though, and he has the same teacher as last year and there are, so far, only three students in there so that's good. We are looking into him starting at the ABA school in July. I never got to say but here is what Anthony's teacher said about him on his last day, she sent a note:

It has been a pleasure having Anthony inour class this year. He has moved forward in many areas. He listens to directions and follows simple directions most of the time. He no longer runs out of the room and seems to enjoy school - he works a variety of puzzles and is beginning to use crayons properly. Most of all, he is using many new words, sounds and gestures.
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Abby said...

Yay Anthony- all of that and good hair too!

Catherine said...

Yea! Great progress!

Lisa said...