Monday, January 18, 2010


I haven't really taken any pictures lately but I wanted to post and note that Anthony is doing much better in school. He was really backsliding after Christmas break and his therapists seemed worried, which made US worried, but Friday and today he did really well. He was very reluctant to speak and stingy with the two word requests, but he is getting better. One day last week, his therapist came out and told me I'd notice there was a lot of his lunch left in his lunch box because he wouldn't ask for it. She seemed to think maybe I'd have a problem with this, but I know if he were hungry and really wanted it, he'd have asked for it.

He is sleeping now, it's about 8:30 and he probably has been quiet for a half hour or so. I always just hope and pray that he'll sleep all night when he goes to sleep this early. The last two nights, he has been getting mad in the tub because I or Mike are sitting too close. I was worried but I realized tonight, I think he just doesn't want us to brush his teeth! He is going to the dentist for the second time on Wednesday. I am scared. I think I'll take him, I took him the first time and I would just rather be there than not. I am afraid he has a cavity, I don't know what we'll do. When I took him last time, he got very upset. This is a special-needs dentist, she came to his school, so I know she'll be okay, but man. I am just worried.

What else? His hair is getting long and crazy. Laura got him a silky pillowcase for Christmas and he loves it. He and Maria have been taking their bath together at night and it's super cute, except when it's kind of creepy because he likes to rub up against Maria. But it's mostly cute. Like him. Mostly cute but sometimes creepy. Ha!

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