Friday, February 05, 2010

He looks sad here ...

...but I don't think he is, he was just eating grapes. He had a good week but we had some highs and lows. We had his dentist visit, which sucked, but now it's over and he got through it great. He had a great day yesterday and his new, male therapist (Anthony likes men to be his therapists, I think it's because they can be a little rougher with him) wrote in his book "I love Thursday afternoons!", meaning with Anthony, so that's great. But he had a rough day today, he only got a 2 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, and they said he cried for no reason at lunch. I hate, HATE to think of him crying when he is away from me. They're so sweet about him at his school, I don't have any reason to worry. His MWF afternoon therapist told me on Wednesday that he had a great day, she said they are working on his receptive instruction and they tell him to 'give me a hug'. She said they are all LOVING it because they love to hug him. I totally get that - he's very "come to me", as my friend Susie would say, and it feels like a dream come true when he pays you some attention.
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Alivia Quallen said...

I don't think he looks sad. I think he is looking at you talking to him. He is so sweet. But I think most boys are;-)