Sunday, February 28, 2010


I didn't take any pictures this weekend, I can't wait until the weather is a little bit better, so we can get outside into some decent light. I wanted to post about Anthony's week because he had a very good one, he had a few days of "5's" at school, and his speech therapist at school seems to think he is doing very well. His occupational therapist writes very technical notes home, she never says how CUTE he is or how much she LIKES him, which of course I would like to see, but she does say a lot about all the work she does with him and how he responds, so what can you do?

We had our moments of tears this week, which of course I hate, but honestly, he cries less than I do, so that's good, right? He has been sleeping fine, he's up for quite a while after he goes to bed but he sleeps mostly all night. I can't believe I am typing that, but I don't believe in jinxes. Mostly I don't.

Tomorrow is March and it is going to be above 40 toward the end of the week, so I anticipate things will start to look up around here. Anthony is so thirsty in the mornings - yesterday he drank like THREE giant cups of water, Mike and I both noticed. Then I thought, well, *I* am as dry as a BONE when I wake up in the morning, we have had our heat on for MONTHS, of course he's thirsty! Wretched winter. We are thinking spring around here.

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