Sunday, February 21, 2010


Now Maria can pull a chair over and get up on the counter herself. Today Mike found them both upstairs in our bathroom sink, digging in the medicine cabinet. We just got back for a walk - yesterday Anthony never even got dressed, it's so crappy out we never go anywhere. Of course, once we got everyone dressed and slung, it was raining when we walked outside. But we went once around the alley anyway, which was hard but worth it. Anthony really seemed happy to be outside. None of our jerkstore neighbors seem to believe in the Social Contract of shoveling their walks, so it made it pretty scary to walk on some of the ice, but we made it. Mike pushed Maria in the stroller, which is hard, and I appreciate it. Anyways, Anthony - he is doing well today and he seems happy. Last night he was crying in his room and Mike went up to try and calm him down. I told Mike and it's true - I don't care if he lives with us forever, I don't care if he never gets a job or whatever the hell - I would just like to be able to communicate enough with him to tell him that it's okay, that it's all going to be okay. That he can just go to sleep when he's tired and that if there's something we can do to help him, we will. I hope I hope I hope.
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Stephanie said...

Aw you brought tears to my eyes with this....I hope he can communicate with you too. He is adorable and it breaks my heart to think of him crying up in his room and you not knowing why. hugs!