Thursday, July 08, 2010

Post Zoo

We had a good time at the Zoo this morning. Anthony is such a leaner and a rubber, though! He was leaning up against some woman, when we were looking at the seals, just rubbing her leg with the back of his hand. We all laughed and said he'd be a real ladies' man. Ha! We saw some kid in a shirt that said "I'm autistic, what's your excuse?" I don't really like the term "autistic" for Anthony, I prefer to say that he has Autism, but it was a really cute shirt and a good idea to wear it to the Zoo. We went to the water/splash park at the zoo and Anthony had a really good time, I think! He got completely soaked and seemed to enjoy running around in the various splashers. He didn't look at any animals, really,except the fish and penguins. He's a water guy. All in all, it was a short but successful trip.

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