Sunday, July 18, 2010


Our weekends can be kind of rough. Anthony fell asleep early last night, so Mike and I were worried but he slept all night. He had a dirty diaper in the night, though, and so he was red and a mess when we went in, so it started the day kind of badly. I put him to bed last night, though, and he was fun as hell. I went back in because he was yelling, and I brought him a glass of water. He was putting the glass up to his nose and looking through it and we had a heck of a good time, looking at each other through the glass. I love it when we can figure out a way for him to be happy and feel like we are connecting.

We are trying to get his speech therapy figured out. He has seen the same speech therapist for ONE YEAR and I had to beg for a progress report, and even then it took six weeks. The director of the place is the one who delayed the report for so long, and she always wants to talk on the phone instead of communicate via email. It's really hard for me to talk on the phone in any organized way because I'm always with some kid who's screaming in my ear, so I prefer to email. I find it unacceptable that in the year TWO THOUSAND and TEN someone can't conduct business via email. So I am hoping to quit her and start with a new speech therapist as soon as the full time one starts at Anthony's school. BUT I am still going to have to work with her because the occupational therapist that we want Anthony to work with is employed by her. It's a big pain and I'm trying to get it worked out as well as I can, doing the best for Anthony but also not being bossed around by nimrods who won't communicate with us. Honestly, I felt like saying to this woman - I thought ANTHONY was the one with the communication disorder, not you! Jerkstore.

Anyways, back to Anthony. He had an excellent week at school, he has more trips coming up this week, and we are hopeful that he'll continue to feel better and have less tantrums. It's boring, but true.

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