Sunday, April 29, 2012


Another Sunday down.  Well, not really down, Anthony is still awake and we are watching Mad Men, but for the most part, it's over.  We had a pretty good weekend but that could be because a) Anthony didn't go to church with us and b) I took the girls to a birthday party today and it was just Mike and the baby home together.  But he did okay.  He is so, so loud lately.  He does this crazy-ass laugh here lately, it's SUPER loud, but as Mike said today, it beats the hell out of him crying or melting down.

His toilet training is ROUGH.  I think maybe we should go back to Square One on it but we'll see.  I am getting the paperwork together for his summer camp.  I can't believe it's almost May and then I'll say "next month" if anyone asks me when Anthony will be seven.  SEVEN.

What else.  Lord, he is a sweet thing.  He drives me crazy but I am so wild about him.  He is getting so big, he seems GIANT, especially because of the baby.  We bought a new swingset and by GOD I am going to get it assembled and I hope Anthony likes it.  It has a climbing wall that I think he'll like.

Anyways.  Onward toward, May!  Autism Awareness month so you can all go back to being unaware until next year, Ha!

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