Monday, June 11, 2012

Insurance and ABA

I just read this article today and it gives me hope that maybe we won't get the screwing that Anthem BCBS is trying to give us with regard to Anthony's insurance.

When we were first looking at ABA places for Anthony, we were worried that Mike's insurance wouldn't cover it because they are a) Federal and b) self-funded and therefore they don't have to abide by the autism insurance mandate in Indiana.    Turns out we were right to be worried because they didn't cover him.  I met my friend Theresa because someone at Anthony's school gave me her number and she gave me a lot of information about how she got her son his own insurance policy and that they covered ABA therapy.

We got the policy for Anthony and oh, it was like Christmas in July!  Or February or whenever it was but it might have actually been July now that I think about it.  We were so excited and Mike said then, we should be sure to pay that premium the day the bill comes in the mail because I'm sure they'll want to get rid of Anthony for any reason.  Our premium has gone up several times, now we're paying more than double what we did three years ago but who cares?  It's always going to be better than the self-pay option.

Every once in a while*, though, we get a vaguely threatening letter from Anthem BCBS saying that they are going to look into whether or not Anthony still needs the treatment that he's getting.  And we have to take him to his developmental pediatrician every six months to reassure those bastards at Anthem BCBS that he still has autism.  It's infuriating.  So hopefully what this article is saying is that insurance companies like Anthony's will have less ways to screw over families like ours.

*seriously, they always send them so we get them on holiday weekends.  I think they want us to miss reading them so we don't know what's going on.  CREEPS.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should offer to bring Anthony in to meet with them, saying that you're sure even they could see that Anthony needs the help ABA therapy provides him.

How could they harass that sweet boy. M

Joanne said...

Ha, well in fairness, they are not harassing him. He is blissfully unaware. I also don't think they can stop insuring him, and I am wise to their evil ways, but I feel for other people who might take them at their word. Ugh.