Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Note

A quick note about Anthony, which seems to be all I have time for these days.

He is doing just fine, but he doesn't like those braces!  I feel badly for him but they seem to be helping.  We went back to the orthotic guy, who was very nice, to see about some blisters he was getting and now he's been fine.  It turns out what we thought were hives was poison ivy or poison of some kind and calamine is really helping.  Want to get really frustrated and worried, though?  Google autism and hives.  People have some WHACKY ideas about autism.

What else.  He went to the splash park this week and to the zoo, on field trips with his school.  He did very well, they said he loved the dolphin show!  Whenever I hear that he really loves something like that, I am immediately thinking "well, let's get him a dolphin!".  Ha!  I am a desperate woman.

I would never talk about his sleep but if I did I'd say he's sleeping well.  He has been having less tantrums too, I'd say, if I talked about such things.  He is defining one step forward and two steps back as far as toilet training goes, but it will get better.  Hell, Veronica has been toilet trained for a long time and as I told Mike yesterday, she had a poop accident yesterday that I could only describe as volcanic.  It's complicated, I guess, and for poor Anthony more than other people, so we'll take what we can get.

He is out in the bounce house now, having fun.  We are going to lunch with some friends today.  I follow this autism dad on Twitter and he said that this year he was getting his son to try 30 different and new foods and I might do something like that with Anthony.  I'd love it if we could expand his horizons a little bit.

So far, seven is going well, so it's onward to eight I guess!

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