Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday night catchup

I let him do anything he wants, practically.  Mike took the girls to see a movie on Saturday and I was home with the baby and Anthony and as soon as they left, Anthony got upset.  So I put on the Wiggles and lay down with the computer in front of me and the baby to my side and Anthony sat on me and watched the Wiggles and seemed really happy.  I took this picture because - it's just so perfect, isn't it?  My cousin John commented on Facebook that there's a metaphor for parenting in here somewhere and I agree.  

The funniest part of all of it is that he was sitting on me and I was doing stuff, playing with the baby, looking at the computer, etc., and he was up and down.  Sometimes he was sitting on my legs, sometimes my back, I wasn't really paying attention.  Then at one point, he sort of shifted and hurt me and I turned around and said, HEY Anthony!, and he was completely naked, ha!  

I had a meeting at his school this week, we are going to work on a new - well, not WE, not ME, Anthony and his therapists are going to work on this PECS system for communication.  We have had some experience with PECS and none of it is good but we never did it fully, I could never really get it going.  It's a rub, kind of, because you of course want Anthony to have his voice and I suppose maybe it feels like failure to go to a system like PECS, where he'd use pictures to communicate his wants and needs, but I don't see it that way.  I have long ago decided that if it takes SO MUCH for Anthony to talk, if it takes, say, all his energy for the day, then if we can find another way for him to communicate so he has some of that energy, then that's what we should do.  That's what I should do, as his mother, is take care of him and help him.  

He is eating hot dogs lately!  He is pretty happy, overall, he loves the summer.  We fenced in the yard a little so he can't get back to the trees/bugs/poison whatever in our yard so that's good.  We are really happy with the situation at school, I like all his therapists, his people at school, which is just great.  Felicity doesn't hate the car so much anymore so it's even going good to go and get him.  But that is all I'm going to say, I don't want to jinx it.  

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