Tuesday, July 17, 2012


  • Anthony starts camp next week, I'm super excited.  He is going with a therapist this year, which I think will really increase his enjoyment of it.  I am hopeful that he'll like the hippotherapy and we can start doing that in earnest this year.  
  • 50 Cent was mean about people with autism.  Hmmm.  I don't know if I care - I mean, it's FIFTY CENT!  He was a criminal!  But I wish people wouldn't replace 'retarded' with 'autistic' and think they're being SNEAKY or something.  God.  Get a vocabulary!  But I'll say this - in protest, we are no longer going to sing "You can find him in the tub..." to the tune of 50's "In the Club".  
  • Mike and I are watching Big Brother and it's so, so weird.  There is this kid on there who clearly has autism of some kind.  He is addicted to Big Brother and remembers every single thing about it.  He walks on his toes.  He lays down in weird places.  He is socially kind of a misfit.  But no one says he has autism.  And when they do talk about him, all of the others, they talk about how creepy he is!  Like, they say, "he's so creepy!  He walks on his toes!".  As if that's the creepy part!  I mean, who cares?  WHO CARES?  
  • All evidence to the contrary, things are going okay with us.  Anthony is always better in the summer, even if it does mean horrible temperatures this year.  
  • What else.  I put Felicity in the tub the other night and Anthony wanted to come in so I let him.  LORD LORD they were cute in there together!  It's too crazy to take a picture but you'll have to imagine it.  Felicity splashing away and leaning over and blowing on Anthony's arm.  They were really lovely.  You could tell he prefers quiet Felicity to those other blowhards he usually has to bathe with, ha!  

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