Monday, July 02, 2012

Huffington Post

So today I read that Rob Schneider, of Saturday Night Live and Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigalo fame, thinks that vaccines cause autism.  The Huffington Post, which published the story, is all snooty about celebrities daring to say anything about vaccines and autism, which is funny, because just a year ago, they published a story by none other than Jenny McCarthy.  What a bunch of jerkstores.

I don't know that vaccines didn't cause some kids' autism, but it's certainly not the case with Anthony.  Anthony has had autism from the beginning of his life, maybe before he was born?  I don't know.  Maria had the same vaccines, probably MORE than Anthony did and God knows she doesn't have autism.  Veronica is the same, vaccine-wise, and I'd say she has some sensory issues, but she definitely doesn't have autism.  Felicity had FORMULA and vaccines and so far - NO AUTISM.

But I'm not saying that because this happened with my family, that it's happened or NOT happened with anyone else's.  I don't know.  You know why I don't know?  Because my degrees are in theater and information technology, not in medicine or science or vaccines or autism.  As far as I know, Jenny McCarthy is not a doctor or a scientist, or, I'm guessing, a college graduate.  If she is a college graduate, someone should tell that college to teach a class in Science is Not Bullshit.  Anyways, I'm just saying, shut up Huffington Post.  I am a person who is dealing with the effects of my son having autism.  I am trying every day to help him and love him and prepare him for life.  It doesn't help to publish NONSENSE from IDIOTS.

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