Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Anthony started camp yesterday and it went well, according to his therapist who meets Mike and Anthony there in the morning.  It is punishingly hot here, so I'm sure it wasn't GREAT to be outside but what can you do?  They are little kids, they don't seem as bugged by the heat as, say, I am.  It is like a vacation for me this week because I don't have to load everyone in the car and go get him.  He gets home a little earlier and we hang out and it's very pleasant.

His therapist said that he seemed happy all day but she said it's probably because it's much less structured than his normal day, which makes me happy.  He's just a seven year old boy, he can't be working all the time.

What else.  I am taking this class at the gym with a friend of mine and her mom had a ... I think a stroke, a brain type event, and she is in a rehab facility, taking occupational, physical and speech therapy.  The part of her brain that was affected didn't affect her intelligence, but it affected her ability to communicate and her ability to process things.  I was talking to my friend about her mom and it struck me, man.  We can all be struck with anything, anytime!  I try to think of it as lucky that we have known the deal with Anthony from when he was so little.  Yesterday I was trying to tell him to KEEP HIS CLOTHES on, nothing works, he doesn't get it, but I took a picture of him yesterday, with my phone and showed it to him.  I said, this, this here is what you should look like.  Keep your clothes ON, Anthony!  Like this!  We'll see if it works, but I am going to keep trying, keep pounding away at him until I figure out how to get to him.  I know it's in there - for my friend's mom and for Anthony, too.  I hope they both make some progress this summer.

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